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2013 State Trauma Summit IV

January 24, 2013



State of the State Trauma System

Status of Trauma System Goals from previous Summits:

  1. Establishing a structured relationship for the RTCCs with the local EMS      agencies and the State EMS Authority;
  2. Profiling best practices of the RTCCs;
  3. Implementing a trauma registry with all of the LEMSAs;
  4. Writing an inclusive State Trauma Plan; and
  5. Involving non-trauma hospitals in a statewide trauma system.    

Robert Mackersie MD


Access to Care - A Study in California

Access to trauma centers by county or region based on OSHPD discharge data  

Current status of California’s trauma centers

Access graphs

Renee Hsia MD


Field Triage and Re-triage - Obstacles and Solutions

Jim Davis MD


Trauma Center Assessment – Does one size fit all?

How do we ensure quality trauma care at our designated Trauma Centers?

ACS use for designation/redesignation?

Outside team approach?

Cathy Chidester RN

Lynn Benninck RN


CEMSIS and Trauma PI "How does California devleop a TQIP-

Like Program

Gill Cryer MD


Regional Trauma Coordinating Committee Showcase



South West


South East

Jim Davis MD

Robert Mackersie MD

Cathy Chidester RN

David Shatz MD

Raul Coimbra MD

Open Forum – Where do we go from here?

Robert Mackersie MD

Howard Backer MD


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