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California Emergency Medical Services Information Systems (CEMSIS): The California Emergency Medical Services Information System, also known as CEMSIS, is a healthcare data demonstration project. The goal of CEMSIS is to collect information about emergency medical care provided to patients by 9-1-1 system responders, ambulance companies, and hospitals across California. It is estimated that CEMSIS will catalogue over 3 million EMS events per year.


California Health Information Exchange: California Health and Safety Code, Division 2.5, Sections 1797 et seq., include EMS interagency coordination and medical control, public health surveillance activities, EMS data and quality of care, regulation and enforcement, trauma registry reporting, and other activities related to the oversight of the prehospital health care system in California. It is the opinion of the EMS Authority that these functions are primarily for the benefit of the counties they serve not the covered entities who are obligated by statute to provide the necessary patient data. LEMSAs are required to collect information from both EMS providers and hospitals to comply with their statutory requirements.


  Quality Improvement: Provide a standardization approach to identify the root causes of problems, intervene to reduce or eliminate these causes, and take steps to correct the process and recognize excellence in performance and delivery of care.


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