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EMSC Subcommittees

Strategic Planning
Jim Harley MD (Chair), Bernard Dannenberg MD (Co-Chair), All EMSC members

Disaster Preparedness
Cynthia Frankel RN (Chair), Pat Frost PNP (Co-Chair), Art Andres EMT-P, Howard Backer MD, Joelle Donofrio DO, Ray Johnson MD, John Lord RN, Candy Schoenheit RN

EMSC Education Forum (North)
Debbie Becker RN (Chair), Joanne Chapman RN, Cynthia Frankel RN, John Lord RN, Tonya Thomas

EMSC Education Forum (South)
Nancy McGrath (Chair), Art Andres EMT/P (Co-Chair), Wendy Chapman, Mike De Laby RN, Joelle Donofrio DO, Marianne Gausche-Hill MD, Leslie Parham RN, Candy Schoenheit RN, Tonya Thomas

Emergency First Aid Guidelines for Schools/Childcare
Howard Backer MD (Chair), Debbie Becker RN, Bob Dimand MD, Erin Dorsey RN, Marianne Gausche-Hill MD, Nancy McGrath RN, Tonya Thomas

EMSC Website Resources
Farid Nasr MD, (Chair), Mike DeLaby RN, Marianne Gausche-Hill MD, Jim Harley MD, Bonnie Sinz RN, Tonya Thomas

Family Centered Care
Bernard Dannenberg MD (Chair), Art Andres EMT-P, Debbie Becker RN, Debbie Henes, Nancy McGrath RN, Shira Schlesinger MD, Richard Watson

Interfacility Transport Document
Farid Nasr, MD (Chair), Mike DeLaby RN, Joelle Donofrio DO, Jan Fredricksen RN, Marianne Gausche-Hill MD, Jim Harley MD, Tonya Thomas

Injury Prevention Resources
Patrice Christensen RN (Chair), Debbie Becker RN, Wendy Chapman, Debbie Henes, Tonya Thomas

Pediatric Education (Continuing Education)
Ron Dieckmann MD (Chair), Wendy Chapman, Joelle Donofrio DO, Jan Fredrickson RN, Ray Johnson MD, Nancy McGrath RN

Performance Improvement & Patient Safety Program (PIPS)
Marianne Gausche-Hill MD (Chair), Bonnie Sinz RN (Co-Chair), Art Andres EMT-P, Patrice Christensen RN, Linda Diaz RN, Joelle Donofrio DO, Jim Harley MD, Nancy McGrath RN, Shira Schlesinger MD, Candy Schoenheit RN, Heather Venezio RN

PIPS Subgroups

Medication Safety Committee
Bernard Dannenberg MD (Chair), BJ Bartleson RN, Patrice Christensen RN, Marianne Gausche-Hill MD, Candy Schoenheit RN

Technical Data Group –Advisory to PIP Committee
Bonnie Sinz RN (Chair), Mike DeLaby RN, Deidre Gorospe, Jim Harley MD, Leslie Parham RN, Shira Schlesinger MD, Candy Schoenheit RN, Heather Venezio RN

Prehospital Equipment
Mike Delaby RN (Chair), Louis Bruhnke EMT-P

Subcommittee Activities

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