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EMS Systems Division - EMS Systems Planning and Development

The EMS Authority provides statewide coordination and leadership for the planning, development, and implementation of local EMS systems to include the following:

  • Development of statewide standards and guidelines for EMS systems.
  • Provision of technical assistance to local agencies developing, implementing, or evaluating components of an EMS system.
  • Review and approval of local EMS plans to ensure compliance with the minimum standards set by the EMS Authority.
  • Assessment of EMS systems in order to coordinate EMS activities based on community needs for the effective and efficient delivery of EMS services.
State EMS Plan Information

EMSA Guidelines

  • EMSA #101: EMS System Standards and Guidelines Part I [PDF]
  • EMSA #102: EMS System Standards and Guidelines Part II [PDF]
  • EMSA #103: EMS System Standards and Guidelines Part III [PDF]

EMS Plan Documents

  • EMS Plan Instructions [PDF]
  • EMS Plan Instructions (Annual Update) [PDF]
  • Table 1 (Minimum Standards/Recommended Guidelines) [Word]
  • System Assessment Form [Word]
  • Progress/Objectives [Word]
  • Table 2 (System Organization and Management) [Word]
  • Table 3 (Staffing/Training) [Word]
  • Table 4 (Communications) [Word]
  • Table 5 (Response/Transportation) [Word]
  • Table 6 (Facilities/Critical Care) [Word]
  • Table 7 (Disaster Medical) [Word]
  • Table 8 (Response/Transportation) [Word]
  • Table 9 (Facilities) [Word]
  • Table 10 (Approved Training Programs) [Word]
  • Table 11 (Dispatch Agency) [Word]
  • Ambulance Zone Summary Form [Word]
Local EMS Plan Information

Local EMS Agency - EMS Plan Submissions

  • Ambulance Zones, Ground – Exclusive Operating Area Status [PDF]
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