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EMT & AEMT Certification and Paramedic Licensure Verification

Certification and Licensure Verification (Public Look Up)

Certification and Testing

There is no online process at EMSA for applying for, or renewing

EMT certification.

EMTs and AEMTs in need of certification information should contact their local EMS agency and refer to the

 EMT Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.

EMT Training Programs / CE Providers

Search for:             Approved Paramedic, EMT, AEMT, and MICN Training Programs

            California Approved Continuing Education Providers

                                              CAPCE (CECBEMS) Approved Continuing Education Courses/Providers 

National Registry of EMTs EMT Pass Rates

  • EMT Regulations [PDF]

  • EMT Regulations Effective July 1, 2017 [PDF]

  • EMTs and AEMTs Deployed to California on Mutual Aid [PDF]

  • EMT Skills Verification Form  [Skills form]

  • EMT Skills Verification Form Effective July 1, 2017 [PDF]

  • Request for Approval Undefined Scope of Practice [PDF]

  • EMT Frequently Asked Questions (Includes Reciprocity Information)

  • Transition courses for NREMT:

    • EMSA Approved Online Transition Course Announcement [PDF]
    • LEMSA Approved local and online NREMT Transition Courses [PDF]
    • Suggested NREMT Transition Course Curriculum for Local EMS Agencies [PDF]

Advanced EMT (AEMT)

Advanced EMT Regulations   [PDF

Advanced EMT Skills Verification Form   [PDF]

Information for Certifying Entities

Only Certifying Entities can access the registry: 


 Certifying Entities: Please click here for procedures, newsletters, and other information.



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