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Maddy EMS Fund Report


The annual Maddy EMS Fund report historically has been due to the Legislature on April 15th of each year, for the preceding fiscal year. This report contains information about court imposed penalty assessments collected, deposited, and disbursed through your county’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Fund, also known as the Maddy EMS Fund.

Senate Bill 1465 (Chapter 442, Statutes of 2014) amended Section 1797.98b of the Health and Safety Code to require each county with an established EMS Fund to submit its annual Maddy EMS Fund report to the Emergency Medical Services Authority. The bill also requires the EMS Authority to compile and forward a summary of each county’s report to the appropriate policy and fiscal committees of the Legislature.


In order to meet the reporting requirements contained in Section 1797.98b of the Health and Safety Code, including ALARCON funding, the EMS Authority has developed a Maddy EMS Fund report template (EMSA 801) and completion instructions. This form should be used for all future reporting and replaces any previous versions.

The completed Maddy EMS Fund report should be submitted no later than April 15th of each year via e-mail or by USPS to the following address:

Emergency Medical Services Authority
Att: EMS Plans Coordinator
10901 Gold Center Drive, Suite 400
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-6056

Contact Lisa Galindo, EMS Plans Coordinator, at (916) 431-3688 or via e-mail for questions.

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