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EMS Systems Division — Data Committee

  • Steve Andriese
    Mountain-Valley EMS Agency
  • Linda Combs
    Sierra-Sacramento Valley EMS Agency
  • Mike Denton RN
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Leo Derevin
    Alameda County EMS Agency
  • Maureen Hasbrouch RN, MS
    Los Agneles County EMS Agency
  • Leif Juliussen
    Milpitas Fire Department
  • Anne Marcotte, RN MSN
    Quality Management Coordinator
    Santa Clara County EMS Agency
  • Carl Nobuyki
    County of Los Agneles Fire Department
  • Bob O'Brien
    Division Chief
    Fremont Fire Department
  • Ginger Ochs RN
    San Diego County Fire Department
  • Cathy Ord RN
    Newport Beach Fire Administration
  • Adele Pagan
    Systems Analyst
    Alameda County EMS Agency
  • John R. Pringle, Jr. EMT-P
    Electronic Documentation Coordinator
    San Diego Fire-Rescue Department
  • Laurent Repass, NREMT-P
    EMS Coordinator
    Orange County EMS Agency
  • Barbara Stephanski MPH
    County of San Diego HHSA/td>
  • Ric Maloney
    Sacramento Metro Fire Department
  • Patti Murrin RN, MPH
    San Diego County EMS Agency
  • Luanne Underwood
    L.A. County Fire Department
  • Ed Armitage
  • Bonnie Sinz, RN
  • Hailey Pate
  • Marquita Fabbri

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