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Last Updated July 2, 2010

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Project Overview

  1. Regulation Changes/Additions Now in Effect

    • EMT Regulation Change (Ch. 2) [doc] [pdf]

    • Advanced EMT Regulation Change (Ch. 3) [doc] [pdf]

      • AEMT Skills Verification Form [doc] [pdf]

      • AEMT Skills Verification Form Instructions [doc] [pdf]

    • Paramedic Regulation Change (Ch. 4) [doc] [pdf]

    • EMT and Advanced EMT Disciplinary Action Regulation Change (Ch. 6) [doc] [pdf]

    • Recommended Guidelines for Disciplinary Orders and Conditions of Probation for EMT and AEMT (Ch. 6) Addition [doc] [pdf]

    • EMT Central Registry Regulation Addition (Ch. 10) [doc] [pdf]

  2. EMT Certifying Entity Requirements

  3. Upcoming Events

    • Nothing currently scheduled
  4. Project Status

    • Implemented

  5. Other Information

  6. Grandfathering Information

    • Grandfathering Clarification Memo [PDF]

    • Sample Certification Letter that must be submitted to grandfather EMT Background checks

    • CORI Grandfathering Verification Spreadsheet [XLS]

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