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School Bus Drivers are required, by statute, to pass a CHP first aid exam or take an American Red Cross or EMSA-approved training course. This page contains information on EMSA-approved training programs and how to become a training program for School Bus Drivers.

EMSA Approved School Bus Driver Training Programs


Training Program Information


The School Bus Driver First Aid training program review fee is $500.

Please return completed application(s) to the:
State of California, EMS Authority
Attention: Child Care Program
10901 Gold Center Drive, Suite 400
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-6073

Please allow 60 days for review of your application

Regulations and Statutes for School Bus Drivers


Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I take the school bus driver first aid training?

  • School bus driver first aid can be taken from American Red Cross or an EMSA approved program.
I’d like to submit a training program for review, to teach first aid to school bus drivers. How can I do this?
  • You will need to submit a complete application, all course materials for your training program and application fee of $500. Allow minimum of 60 days for approval; Once received by EMSA.
Are there any fees to apply for the school bus driver training program?
  • Yes. The application and review fee for a school bus driver first aid training program is $500. Once a program is approved, renewal fees are $500 every four years.
For More Information
Emergency Medical Services Authority
10901 Gold Center Drive, Suite 400
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
Phone: (916) 322-4336