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State Tactical EMS Advisory Committee

The California Tactical EMS Advisory Committee was initially formed in 2013 to share information and best practices statewide among Tactical emergency medical services (TEMS) leaders.  The committee is designed to collaborate and harmonize the efforts of State and local agencies, groups, individuals, and training programs representing law enforcement, emergency medical services, and fire service centered about tactical emergency medical services.  Through the cooperative efforts of law enforcement, fire service, and EMS, the committee can identify a shared direction for the improvement of TEMS activities in California.  The formation of this Committee was inspired by Ken Whitman, POST Special Consultant, who championed the multi-disciplinary nature of tactical EMS.  As a tribute, this Committee is nicknamed the "Whitman Committee."

This Committee was formalized upon the passage of AB 1598 (Rodriguez, Chapter 688, Statutes of 2014) that amended Health and Safety Code 1797.116 and added 1797.134 effective January 1, 2015.  Dr. Howard Backer, Director of the California EMS Authority, has formally designated the California Tactical EMS Advisory Committee as the body responsible, under Health and Safety Code 1797.134, for carrying out the activities described in Health and Safety Code 1797.116.

Committee Membership

  Position Representing Primary Member
State EMSA Dan Smiley
State Commission on POST Dan Toomey
State State Fire Training Mike Richwine
State CalOES Kim Zagaris
1 California Sheriff’s Association Jack Ewell
2 California Police Chief’s Association Robert Fager
3 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department providing TEMS Steve Doucette
4 Law Agency providing TEMS (North) Chris Waite
5 Law Agency providing TEMS (South) Philip Sanchez
6 CHP Gary Tamkin
7 CPOA Kim Petersen
8 California Fire Chiefs Association Wolfgang Knabe
9 FIRESCOPE Michael Dyer
10 LA City Fire providing TEMS Gerry Malais
11 Fire Agency providing TEMS (North) John Kammeyer
12 Fire Agency providing TEMS (South) Ray Ramirez
13 CAL-Fire David Teter
14 CPF Kevin White
15 EMSAAC/Local EMS Agency Cathy Chidester
16 EMDAC/EMS Medical Director Tom Ronay MD
17 California Ambulance Association Mickey Huber
18 EMS Commission Steve Drewniany
19 Private EMS Provider providing TEMS (North) Mike Marsh (AMR, San Mateo)
20 Private EMS Provider providing TEMS (South) Rick Carvalho, American
Members at Large
21 At-Large Member (LEMSA) Jim Morrissey
22 At-Large Member (Fire) Ray Casillas
23 At-Large Member (Law) Val Bilotti
24 At-Large Member (Training) Lawrence Heiskell MD
25 At-Large Member (Medical) Michael Eby MD


Committee Meetings

January 22, 2015 [Agenda]

October 1, 2014 [Agenda]

July 15, 2014 [Agenda]

April 8, 2014 [Agenda]

January 16, 2014 [Agenda]

September 12, 2013 [Agenda]

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