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2018 EMS AwardsBrave. Dedicated. Willing. Reliable. These words describe the 80,000 licensed or certified EMS providers in California. They demonstrate these qualities every day by coming to the aid of others when they are most in need and working to ensure that the EMS system operates well. However, each year, due to circumstance or extraordinary effort, certain individuals among us shine the brightest. The EMS Authority seeks to recognize those individuals through the California Emergency Medical Services Awards Program. This year’s awards took place on December 5, 2018, at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel in San Francisco.

The awards program honors special accomplishments, meritorious and heroic acts, innovations or fresh ideas to improve EMS in the state, or other unique and/or significant contributions by EMS personnel, physicians, nurses, EMTs, other medical providers, local officials, members of the law enforcement community, citizens, and first responders. Award categories include the Medal of Valor, EMS Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Lifesaving Medal, Community Service Award, Inter-service EMS Recognition Medal, Civilian Award for EMS, EMT of the Year Award, EMS Educator of the Year Award, EMS Medical Director of the Year Award, and EMS Administrator of the Year Award. Clinical Excellence Awards are presented at the recipients’ home stations.


Nominate an EMS Hero

Various levels of personnel comprise the EMS system and an array of categories was created to include them all. View descriptions of the different awards. The EMS Authority may also present certificates of recognition, appreciation, or other awards as dictated by particular circumstances.

The award period for the nominations for the awards is continuous. Individual and statewide awards will be made by EMSA. Nominations are currently being accepted for consideration for the 2019 award ceremony.

Nominate an individual for the 2019 California EMS Awards.

Award categories include:

Civilian Award for EMS
Community Service Award
Distinguished Service Medal
EMS Administrator of the Year
EMS Cross
EMS Educator of the Year
EMS Medical Director of the Year
EMT of the Year
Inter-service EMS Recognition Medal
Lifesaving Medal
Medal of Valor
Meritorious Service Medal

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