Statewide CA EMS Awards Nominations

EMSA is currently accepting nominations for the 2023 California EMS Awards! The nomination deadline is December 31, 2023.
Please read the nomination instructions and review the award category descriptions prior to downloading the nomination form.

Nomination Instructions

When completing the EMS award nomination, it is crucial to provide a comprehensive and detailed description of the nominee’s qualifications, accomplishments, and impact. Follow these directions to emphasize the importance of a good detailed description:

  1. Introduction: Start the nomination by clearly stating the purpose of the award and the significance of recognizing exceptional EMS providers. Highlight the impact these individuals have on the community and the EMS system.

  2. Nominee Information: Provide accurate and complete details about the nominee, including their name, job title, organization, and contact information. This ensures that the award committee can properly identify and reach out to the nominee if needed.

  3. Selection Criteria: Familiarize yourself with the specific selection criteria for the EMS award. Tailor your detailed description to align with these criteria.

  4. Accomplishments and Contributions: Describe the nominee’s notable accomplishments, highlighting specific instances where they have gone above and beyond their regular duties. Include details about their exceptional clinical skills, outstanding patient care, innovative approaches to EMS, and any contributions they have made to improving the EMS system.

  5. Impact: Emphasize the positive impact the nominee has had on patients, colleagues, and the community at large. Include testimonials or anecdotes from patients, fellow EMS providers, supervisors, or community members to provide evidence of the nominee’s exceptional qualities and contributions.

  6. Detail-Oriented Description: Provide a detailed account of the nominee’s achievements, experiences, and skills. Use specific examples and anecdotes to illustrate their exceptional qualities and demonstrate their dedication, professionalism, and compassion. Include information about any special training, certifications, or awards the nominee has received.

  7. Supporting Documentation: If possible, attach any relevant supporting documentation, such as letters of recommendation, patient testimonials, commendations, or performance evaluations, to further strengthen the nomination.

: Summarize the nomination by reiterating the nominee’s outstanding qualities and why they are deserving of the EMS award. Express your confidence in their ability to serve as an inspiration to others in the EMS community.

EMS Awards Nomination Form (pdf)

EMS Authority

Attn: External Affairs
11120 International Drive, Suite 200
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Remember, a detailed description is essential in showcasing the nominee’s exceptionalism and justifying their selection for the EMS award. By providing comprehensive information and concrete examples, you increase the chances of the nominee being recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field of EMS. If you have any questions or need further information please contact EMS Authority External Affairs at (916) 431-3700 or e-mail.