Registration and Application Information for Persons Interested

in the California Health Corps (CAHC) and/or

California Medical Assistance Team (CAL-MAT) Programs

Persons interested in participating in the CAHC and/or CAL-MAT Programs should follow the steps below:

  1. Meet Eligibility Requirements:
      • 18 Years of age and over
      • Eligible to work in the United States
      • Must have a valid driver’s license and social security card to provide to EMSA HR at time of onboarding/hire
      • Valid California License for clinical practice
      • No negative license/certification actions (for licensed/certified professionals)
  2. Register in the Disaster Healthcare Volunteer (DHV) System
          Registration in DHV is required. Specific instructions for CAHC and/or CAL-MAT are found in DHV Registration for CAL-MAT Program (PDF)
  3. Complete and Submit State Hiring Application and Related Documentation
          Complete, print and sign in BLUE INK the following documents:

      • a. State Standard Employment Application (Form 678)
        Indicate what position you are applying for and that you adequately document work experience and education to justify position applied for.
        DO NOT include complete Social Security Number on the application (Form 678).
        You may include DMAT affiliation in employment history if applicable. Include hard copy of all licenses/certifications.

        See links below for CAHC/CAL-MAT positions/duty statements you are interested in applying for.

        CAHC Position Duty Statements
        CAL-MAT Position Duty Statements

      • b. Upon Request, you MUST provide a valid driver’s license, social security card, proof of vaccination (or complete a waiver), and family attestation prior or at time of onboarding/hire.
      • c. Email completed and signed application documents along with verification of education, licenses, etc. to Please indicate which programs (CAHC, CAL-MAT, or both) you are applying for in the email with your application.