EMSC Coordinators

EMSC Coordinators are designated positions within the Local EMS Agency (LEMSA).  The role of the EMSC Coordinator is to provide in–depth technical assistance to the LEMSA to assist in EMSC integration into EMS systems.  Technical assistance includes an emphasis on quality of care, continuity of care, family-centered care, cultural diversity, and care of Special Needs Children.  The EMS Authority is responsible for the development of pediatric-specific data included in the State EMS Information System in support of quality improvement policy development.


Debbie Becker, RN
Central California EMS Agency
Jana Richardson, RN
Kern County EMS Agency
Joanne Chapman, RN
Coastal Valleys EMS Agency (Sonoma)
Candy Schoenheit, RN
San Diego County EMS Agency
Wendy Chapman
North Coast EMS Agency
Jennie Simon, RN
Santa Barbara County EMS Agency
Patrice Christensen, RN
San Mateo County EMS Agency
Christine Yoshida-McMath, RN
Inland Counties EMS Agency
Mike DeLaby, RN
Orange County EMS Agency
Linda Diaz, RN
Mountain Valley EMS Agency
Keith Erickson, EMT-P
Solano County EMS Agency
Cynthia Frankel, RN
Alameda County EMS Agency
Deidre Gorospe
Los Angeles County EMS Agency
John Lord, RN
Sierra Sacramento Valley EMS Agency
Laura O’Neal, BSN, RN
Contra Costa EMS Agency
Leslie Parham, RN
San Bernardino County Fire Department
Misty Plumley
Riverside Co. Dept. of Public Health