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Welcome, EMS Educators and members of our community. EMSA’s mission to serve the citizens of California begins with educating and developing competent, capable EMS personnel who are prepared to respond to any medical emergency. Please enjoy learning about the various programs and stakeholder partners contributing to building a better EMS educational foundation for California’s citizens.

Number of Paramedic Training Programs

Number of EMT Training Programs

Number of Continuing Education Providers


Visit the CA Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Apprenticeship Innovation Funding (AIF) webpage to learn about an apprenticeship program funding opportunity.


EMSA recommends workshop attendance and voluntary accreditation for all AEMT training programs in the State of California

Visit CoAEMSP’s Voluntary AEMT Accreditation page to learn more.

CoAEMSP – Committee on Accreditation for the EMS Professions

Learn about becoming an EMT

Learn about becoming a Paramedic

Changes are coming to NREMT’s ALS Psychomotor Examination!

Visit NREMT’s Key Initiatives page to learn more.

Find Careers in EMS Education!

CEMSEA is seeking new members to pave the way for the future of EMS education standards, equity of opportunity, and student success! Click the logo to visit the CEMSEA website, learn more about CEMSEA membership, and view job openings at EMS training programs throughout California.

View the latest CoAEMSP Newsletter!

Click the icon, above, to access the latest and greatest in news and activities from the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions!

Learn about Community Paramedicine

Click on the icon, above, to learn more about Community Paramedicine and Triage to Alternate Destination programs in California.

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