2016 EMSA Health Information Exchange Summit Presentations

Day One

California EMS to HIE –  Lee Stevens and Rachel Abby,  ONC

ASPR Region IX Brief to the Health Information Exchange –  Mark Young,  ASPR

NEMSIS at the California Health Information Exchange Summit, –  Noah Smith,  NHTSA

NEMSIS V3 Implementation/Interoperability and HL7 –  Dr. Clay Mann,  NEMSIS

California PULSE +EMS Project to Integrate EMS into HIE –  Daniel Smiley,  EMSA

Patient Unified Lookup System for Emergencies –  Scott Afzal,  Audacious Inquiry

EMS+HIE Proposal Overview –  Dan Chavez,  San Diego Health Connect

Legal Landscape for Health Information Exchange –  California Integrated Data Exchange,  Andrea Leeb

Consumable Data Content and Transport Workgroup –  Dave Minch and Dr. Jay Goldman,  CAHIE and Kaiser Permanente

Day Two

Medi-Cal and Health Information Technology Opportunities –  Dr. Linette Scott,  California Department of Health Care Services

California POLST eRegistry Status Report –  Kate O’Malley,  California Health Care Foundation

Directory Services –  Dr. Robert Cothren,  California Association of Health Information Exchanges

California Stroke Registry: Linking EMS and Hospital Information to Improve Population Health –  Dr. Janet Bates,  California Department of Public Health

Health Information Exchange Learning Series –  Daniel Smiley,  EMSA