HIE Summit 2013

Health Information Exchange (EMS) Project 

Funded by:         California Office of Health Information Integrity

Project Lead:     David Magnino BS, EMT-P


Grant Period:     August 2013 until January 15, 2014


Project Summary:

An informational summit related to HIE will be hosted by EMSA to promote and provide education to attendees on various HIE topics.

Explore the statewide EMS level of readiness through the local EMS agencies (LEMSAs) and EMS providers and California Hospitals to exchange pre-hospital EMS information.  Assessment of EMS readiness and gap analysis for health information exchange will be done via contract with Lumetra Healthcare Solutions.  Lumetra is tasked to identify key barriers to HIE, gaps, and cost considerations.

Demonstration projects will be conducted to “close the gap” in three LEMSAs.   These agencies are: Contra Costa, Monterey, and Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency (ICEMA). Each demonstration will have individual objectives.

  • Contra Costa will seek to: Make short-term changes to close information and reporting gaps; Identify pathway to integrate patient medical records across continuum of care; Define pathway to 3 levels of database analysis and reporting; Information system performance requirements; Identify gaps in IT support and recommend corrective actions; Explore feasibility of pilot project to link ePCR to single hospital EMR platform to obtain outcomes for EMS patients; Conduct all activities within a 1 year timeline and monitoring process for future development of specific implementations.
  • Monterey will seek to: Utilize QI committee to continue exploring software solutions to fully integrate field ePCRs into hospitals; LEMSA will lead purchase and installation of software program; Review improvements of pre-hospital – hospital communication.
  • ICEMA will seek to: Continue work to develop process to allow hospital to access and append EMS ePCR information related to medical control; Process allows record orders making them part of patient’s EMR mark for review and add QA/QI comments on care issues for medical control evaluation; Identify and evaluate processes needed for inclusion of record into base and receiving hospital medical records; Demonstration of linkage between ePCR and a web enabled hospital data collection device.

Planting The HIE Seed Today…. To Grow An EMS Solution For The Future: Summit

  • Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel & Resort, November 19-20, 2013.
  • Attended by over 200 individuals
  • Statewide representation from: Hospitals, Fire Departments, Ambulance Services, EMTs, Paramedics, Local EMS Agencies, Software Vendors, California State Departments/Agencies and more!
  • Attendee List can be obtained here.

Summit Materials and Presentations (All documents are in PDF)

Agenda available for download here.

Attendee handbook can be downloaded here.

Speaker Presentations:

Dr. Ken Kizer – Relating EMS to HIE in California

Lee Stevens – How does EMS fit into the national scheme of HIE

Daniel Chavez – California Progress on EMS and HIE within San Diego County

David Nelson – How HIPAA and HIE Interface

David Minch – How can California Association of Health Information Exchange assist with the relationship between hospitals and pre-hospital to exchange patient information?

Kimbelee Snyder – Update on and the process outlined of readiness assessment

Gwen Marie Hilleary – Hospital and HIEs: How to grow the relationship with pre-hospital providers

Pat Frost – Update on Contra Costa County Local EMS Project

Kirk Schmitt – Update on Monterey County Local EMS Project

Tom Lynch – Update on Inland Counties (ICEMA) Local EMS Project

Laurent Repass – Local EMS Agency Success Story

Johnathon Surface – Provider Success Story

Susan McHenry – Positioning EMS information; NEMSIS and Federal Activities – NEMSAC Final Advisory on NEMSIS

Gregory Reynar – Provider Success Story

Cathy Chidester


Sponsor Presentations:


Water and Physio Control

Beyond Lucid

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