Say Hello to the National Registry of EMTs National Continued Competency Program


What is the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP)?

The new NCCP model streamlines the NREMT renewal process into three strategic categories of continuing education:

1. National
2. Local, and
3. Individual

•   National topics are 50% of the total CE – These topics are published by NREMT and are available on the NREMT web site (
•   Local topics are 25% of the total CE – These topics will be decided by local entities, including the state or local EMS agencies. If the state or local agencies do not require topics, the                     individual may select their own topics.
•   Individual topics are 25% of the CE – An individual is free to take any EMS-related education.

What does this mean for California’s EMTs, AEMTs, and paramedics?

California does not require continuous NREMT registration. The NCCP model will only impact those individuals who voluntarily wish to maintain their NREMT registration.
California training programs will need to adapt to the national topics published by the NREMT in order to offer that content. This does not change the current CE
requirements for renewing California EMT and AEMT certification or paramedic licenses.

What are the changes in CE hours?

To maintain NREMT registration, EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics are currently required to complete 72 hours CE every two years.
Under NCCP model:

When will it take effect?

Starting in October 2018, the NREMT will switch over to the NCCP model for the March 31, 2019 expiration date. Those EMTs, AEMTs, and paramedics who wish to maintain
their NREMT registration need to meet these new continuing education requirements when they renew their NREMT registration starting in October 2018.

How Many of California’s EMS Providers are Nationally Registered?

Approximately 35% (29,000) of California’s 82,000 EMS providers are nationally registered. California has the most NREMT registered individuals compared to the other states.