PRWORA Compliance Information

Regarding The Federal Requirement For Paramedics To Show Proof Of Legal U.S. Status (Or Citizenship)

Thanks to those of you who responded to the federal mandate for paramedics to provide proof of legal U.S. status by September 30, 1998.

As a result of constituent input, and with the approval of the Governor’s Office, we are hereby transitioning to verification at the time of licensure or renewal, as stated below.

Effective immediatelyunless you were already granted an extension–all initial and relicensure applicants must show a one-time proof of legal status in the United States, per the requirements of the federal law, as follows:

  • For initial applicants, upon application for a paramedic license, along with all other standard initial license requirements currently in place.
  • For renewal applicants, at the time of license renewal, along with all other standard renewal requirements currently in place.

Once citizenship status has been established, the paramedic will not be required to re-verify legal status.

Extensions are no longer being granted, and with this schedule they should no longer be needed. Note: If you have your legal status verification ready to submit now, we encourage you to do so at this time, rather than waiting until you renew, in order to expedite your renewal.

Beginning October 1, 1998:

Initial applicants who do not meet the requirements at the time of application will be denied a license–as has always been the case with an incomplete application.

Renewal applicants who have not met the requirements by their license expiration date will not have their licenses renewed until they have met all renewal requirements (including legal status verification)–as has always been the case with an incomplete application.

If you have any questions please send them in an e-mail to