Individual Achievement Recognition Program

The Educational Achievement and Service Achievement bars serve to officially recognize EMTs who have completed specified periods of service and met certain educational benchmarks. The decorations are authorized by the EMS Authority to be worn by any EMT who has met the qualifications for the recognition.

Nominations are accepted on a continual basis. Individuals wishing to nominate themselves or others should complete a Individual Achievement Recognition Nomination Form (pdf). All nominations must contain legible substantiating information from authoritative sources, including academic transcripts, degree copies, personnel records or verification by human resources personnel. Upon verification, the achievement bar(s) and certificate(s) will be mailed to the nominee’s mailing address provided in the nomination form unless otherwise noted.

Achievement Bar Description
Educational Achievement Award Picture Educational Achievement Recognition

May be worn by an EMT who has completed an associate degree or higher from an accredited institution of higher learning.

Service Achievement Award Picture Service Achievement Recognition

May be worn by an EMT who has completed at least ten years of service. Nominations will only be issued at 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 year mark. Numerals (2+) may be worn for every subsequent 10 years.