The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Act charged the EMS Authority in 1980 with providing oversight of the planning, implementation, and evaluation of local EMS agency (LEMSA) systems. This includes the review of local transportation plans for ground and air providers, and oversight of 338 ambulance zones/areas. Exclusivity of an ambulance zone/area is achieved through a request for proposal or grandfathering via Health and Safety Code, Section 1797.224.

Regulatory References
  • Pre-Hospital EMS Air Regulations [PDF]
Ambulance Zones
  • EMSA #141: Competitive Process for Creating Exclusive Operating Areas [PDF]
  • Ambulance Zone Summary Form — To be included with your EMS plan for all ambulance zones, both exclusive and nonexclusive. The form is in PDF and MS Word and can be filled in online and printed out. [Word]
  • Ambulance Zones, Ground – Exclusive Operating Areas Status – November 15, 2018 [PDF]
  • EMSA #144: Pre-Hospital EMS Aircraft Guidelines   [PDF]
  • California EMS System Providers (updated 10/15/18) [Excel]
  • Air Medical Services National Guidance Document [Word]
  • EMSA #216: Minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) [PDF]

Aero Medical Summit March 19, 2007

  • Summit Summary [Word]  [PDF]
  • Group 1 and 3 – Medical Control/Authority and Professional Roles Discussion Outline [Word]  [PDF]
  • Group 2 – Access, Dispatch, Destination Discussion Outline [Word]  [PDF]

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