EMS Systems Division – Transportation


Statute and Regulatory References

  • Pre-Hospital EMS Air Regulations [PDF]

Ambulance Zones

  • EMSA #141: Competitive Process for Creating Exclusive Operating Areas [PDF]
  • Ambulance Zone Summary Form — To be included with your EMS plan for all ambulance zones, both exclusive and nonexclusive. The form is in PDF and MS Word and can be filled in online and printed out. [Word]
  • Ambulance Zones, Ground – Exclusive Operating Areas Status – January 12, 2018 [PDF]


  • EMSA #144: Pre-Hospital EMS Aircraft Guidelines   [PDF]
  • California EMS System Providers (updated 1/12/18) [Excel]
  • Air Medical Services National Guidance Document [Word]
  • EMSA #216: Minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) [PDF]


Aero Medical Summit March 19, 2007

  • Summit Summary [Word]  [PDF]
  • Group 1 and 3 – Medical Control/Authority and Professional Roles Discussion Outline [Word]  [PDF]
  • Group 2 – Access, Dispatch, Destination Discussion Outline [Word]  [PDF]


For Questions Contact

Laura Little, EMT
Transportation Coordinator
(916) 431-3677