EMSA Job Opportunities

Join the EMSA Team!

Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of Californians? Are you searching for a position that’s challenging, exciting, and on the cutting edge of Emergency Medical Services management in California? If so, then this may be the position you have been searching for!

The mission of the EMSA is to prevent injuries, reduce suffering, and save lives by developing standards for and administering an effective statewide coordinated system of quality emergency medical care and disaster medical response that integrates public health, public safety, and healthcare.

Current EMSA Vacancies on the CalCareers website

Visit the EMS Career and Pathways page for information about EMS careers outside of State service.

Vacancies are available only to individuals who have eligibility based on either:

  • Successful completion of a competitive state civil service examination; or
  • Current employment with the State of California in a class which is comparable under transfer rules; or
  • Previous employment with the State of California in a class that is comparable under reinstatement rules.

For more information about applying for jobs, visit Getting a State Job (CalCareers).


CA EMSA Disaster Medical Response Programs

Join the California Medical Assistance Team (CAL-MAT) and/or CA Health Corps (CAHC) Programs to support California!

The EMS Authority is currently soliciting new members (emergency hires) to provide support during manmade and natural disasters. CAL-MAT are teams of emergency hire healthcare, administrative, and logistician professionals activated and deployed by the EMS Authority to provide medical care to patients during disasters. The CAL-MATs are rapidly deployable and capable of treating patients within hours at field treatment sites, fire base camps, shelters, alternate care sites, existing medical facilities, and other designated locations. CAHCs are healthcare professionals activated by the EMS Authority to provide medical support to healthcare facilities. CAHC members are deployed to treat patients in healthcare facilities experiencing a shortage of medical staff during a disaster. These programs are organized and coordinated by the EMS Authority.

Sign up at CA EMSA Disaster Medical Response Programs (https://emsa.ca.gov/disaster-medical-response-programs/)

If you are interested in deploying for the COVID-19 response, do not mail your application. Please send an email to disastermedicalresponseprograms@emsa.ca.gov with your application. A copy of your driver’s license, and social security card is also required and must be received prior to or at time of hire.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to disastermedicalresponseprograms@emsa.ca.gov