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COVID 19 Information: For guidance on class and gathering sizes, refer to CDCCDPH, the California COVID 19 webpage, and your local government guidelines.

Upon approval of submitted virtual or hybrid training materials and curriculum, EMSA-approved H&ST training courses may be taught in the following environments:

  • Preventive Health and Safety: Virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of the two environments.
  • First Aid & CPR: In-Person, or hybrid with virtual lecture and in-person skills practice and testing.

Video recordings of trainings without the presence of a live instructor are not authorized under this interpretation.

Please review the EMSA Virtual Training Memo for more information, and contact childcare@emsa.ca.gov with any questions.


Asthma Information


    • Nebulizer and Inhaled Medication Training Curriculum   [PDF]
    • Capacitación sobre los Medicamentos Inhalados (Spanish language version of the Inhaled Medications Curriculum)   [PDF]

  • For more information on Asthma Training, or DVD, contact Lucy Chaidez at (916) 322-4336 extension 434 or email her at lucy.chaidez@emsa.ca.gov