Paramedic License Discipline


EMSA’s Office of Legal Services provides support to the EMS Personnel Division’s licensure and enforcement sections. As such, it is the office’s responsibility to prosecute license discipline against licensees who violate the California Health and Safety Code or the California Code of Regulations. Paramedic License discipline is not a punishment on the individual – it is an administrative action against the license to ensure that the public’s health and safety is protected. Depending on the facts and circumstances of the individual case, the actions may range from an Administrative Fine, for a minor offense, to actual license revocation, for serious matters that put the public’s health and safety at risk. All licensees are entitled to due process through the Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”, California Government Code Section 11370 et seq.) and an independent tribunal through the Office of Administrative Hearings. Licensees that are placed on probation, either through a Stipulated Settlement Agreement or by an Administrative Law Judge’s order, are monitored by EMSA’s probation office in the Enforcement Unit.

The Authority has developed Model Disciplinary Orders (“Recommended Guidelines for Disciplinary Orders and Conditions of Probation”) that have been adopted by regulation. These guidelines provide a range of discipline that may be imposed by an Administrative Law Judge upon a finding that the offense alleged actually occurred.


How can I tell if a Paramedic has a history of license discipline?

Disciplinary actions are a matter of public record. If a paramedic has had their license disciplined for cause, the discipline history will appear under that person’s license information on the Central Registry. Search the Central Registry for the person you are interested in, and then click on their name. A Licensee Details page will open, which lists that person’s licensing history and any disciplinary actions. Selecting an action will open a .PDF copy of the document.


Helpful links:

Office of Administrative Hearings: Online lookup of current EMSA hearings and information pertaining to the appeals process before OAH.

The Administrative Procedure Act: The laws that govern the appeals process and the conduct of hearings.

Recommended Guidelines for Disciplinary Orders and Conditions of Probation (“Model Disciplinary Orders”): Guidelines for discipline used by the Administrative Law Judge and by EMSA in Stipulated Settlement Agreements.

California Codes: The Statutes governing the Authority are found in The Health and Safety Code, Division 2.5

California Code of Regulations: The Regulations pertaining to prehospital medicine are found in Title 22, Division 9.

Central Registry of California Paramedics and EMT’s: Searchable database of licensed California Paramedics and certified EMT’s. Any history of license or certification discipline is available upon locating an individual’s record page.

EMSA’s Personnel Division – Enforcement Unit: Contact the Enforcement Unit to report a complaint against a licensed paramedic or to find out the status of an investigation.

EMSA’s Index of Administrative Law Judge Proposed Decisions on Paramedic Licensure

Quick Link to EMSA’s list of Codes and Regulations