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California EMS Information System (CEMSIS)

What is CEMSIS?

CEMSIS is a demonstration project for improving EMS data analysis across California. CEMSIS offers a secure, centralized data system for collecting data about individual emergency medical service requests, patients treated at hospitals, and EMS provider organizations.

Who Participates?

At least 14 of California's 33 Local EMS Agencies currently send a variety of local data collections to CEMSIS on a voluntary basis. In return, these local agencies gain access to digital tools for running comprehenisve reports on their own data at no cost.

What can CEMSIS do today?

Currently, EMSA uses CEMSIS data to study variations in local data quality and local capacity for health information exchange. When fully operational with 100% local participation, it is estimated that CEMSIS will catalogue over 3 million EMS events per year. EMSA will use the data to develop and coordinate high quality emergency medical care in California through activites such as:

  • Healthcare quality programs which monitor patient care outcomes
  • Agency collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries
  • Local, regional, and state-level public health surveillance
  • Increased public awareness of emergency medical services in California
CEMSIS Transformation

Press Release: California is the First State to Transmit EMS Date to National Database

To improve local data quality and prepare California EMS for health information exchange, EMSA and local agencies will adopt new data standards known as NEMSIS Version 3.

The NEMSIS Version 3 data standards provide a set of tools that EMS professionals can use to integrate EMS patient care data with electronic medical records at hospitals. This will allow EMS providers, hospitals, and government agencies to exchange patient information securely and in real time - leading to better patient outcomes and a smarter system of care

California is targeting transition to NEMSIS Version 3 no later than December 31, 2014

NEMSIS 3 Requirements for Local EMS Agencies

EMS Provider Agency Profile Data

EMS Call Data

Trauma Inpatient Data

  • Criteria for reporting Trauma Inpatient Events [COMING SOON]
  • List of Required Elements [COMING SOON]
Transformation Resources
Grant Funding

State Traffic Safety Grant Funds EMS Data System [PDF]

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