Hospital Incident Command System – Forms

HICS   Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) 2014

HICS Forms 

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All HICS Forms (docx) (pdf)

HICS 200 – Incident Action Plan (IAP) Cover Sheet (docx) (pdf)
Incident Action Plan (IAP) Quick Start (docx) (pdf)
Incident Response Guide: Epidemic-Pandemic (docx) (pdf)
Incident Planning Guide: Epidemic-Pandemic (docx) (pdf)

HICS 201 – Incident Briefing (docx) (pdf)
HICS 202 – Incident Objectives (docx) (pdf)
HICS 203 – Organization Assignment List (docx) (pdf)
HICS 204 – Assignment List (docx) (pdf)
HICS 205A – Communications List (docx) (pdf)
HICS 206 – Staff Medical Plan(docx) (pdf)
HICS 207 – Hospital Incident Management Team (HIMT) Chart (docx) (pdf)
HICS 213 – General Message Form (docx) (pdf)
HICS 214 – Activity Log (docx) (pdf)
HICS 215A – Incident Action Plan (IAP) Safety Analysis (docx) (pdf)
HICS 221 – Demobilization Check-Out (docx) (pdf)

HICS 251 – Facility System Status Report (docx) (pdf)
HICS 252 – Section Personnel Time Sheet (docx) (pdf)
HICS 253 – Volunteer Registration (docx) (pdf)
HICS 254 – Disaster Victim/Patient Tracking (docx) (pdf)
HICS 255 – Master Patient Evacuation Tracking (docx) (pdf)
HICS 256 – Procurement Summary Report (docx) (pdf)
HICS 257 – Resource Accounting Record (docx) (pdf)
HICS 258 – Hospital Resource Directory (docx) (pdf)
HICS 259 – Hospital Casualty/Fatality Report (docx) (pdf)
HICS 260 – Patient Evacuation Tracking (docx) (pdf)