Hospital Incident Command System – Forms

HICS   Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) 2014

HICS Forms 

Click the [Word] to download in Microsoft Word format, click the [PDF] to download in Adobe format. 

HICS All HICS Forms [Word] [PDF]
HICS 200 Incident Action Plan (IAP) Cover Sheet [Word]  [PDF]
IAP Quick Start Incident Action Plan (IAP) Quick Start [Word] [PDF]

HICS 201

Incident Briefing



HICS 202 Incident Objectives [Word] [PDF]
HICS 203 Organization Assignment List [Word] [PDF]
HICS 204 Assignment List [Word] [PDF]
HICS 205A Communications List [Word] [PDF]
HICS 206 Staff Medical Plan [Word] [PDF]
HICS 207 Hospital Incident Management Team (HIMT) Chart [Word] [PDF]
HICS 213 General Message Form [Word] [PDF]
HICS 214 Activity Log [Word] [PDF]
HICS 215A Incident Action Plan (IAP) Safety Analysis [Word] [PDF]
HICS 221 Demobilization Check-Out [Word] [PDF]

HICS 251

Facility System Status Report



HICS 252 Section Personnel Time Sheet [Word] [PDF]
HICS 253 Volunteer Registration [Word] [PDF]
HICS 254 Disaster Victim/Patient Tracking [Word] [PDF]
HICS 255 Master Patient Evacuation Tracking [Word] [PDF]
HICS 256 Procurement Summary Report [Word] [PDF]
HICS 257 Resource Accounting Record [Word] [PDF]
HICS 258 Hospital Resource Directory [Word] [PDF]
HICS 259 Hospital Casualty/Fatality Report [Word] [PDF]
HICS 260 Patient Evacuation Tracking [Word] [PDF]